With the launch of byINABE’S second collection for S/S 2018, designer Beverly Wang’s mission is to create leather bags that are sophisticated, versatile, and functional. Beverly currently hand makes and designs all of the bags.


Function meets minimalism. Each bag from the SS18 collection is minimal in design but is lined with compartments to organize every aspect of a woman’s life. There are pockets for the laptop, tablet, phone, sunglasses, wallet, lipstick, water bottle holder and whatever is needed in order to organize the contents of a bag. All of the bags are also lined with a water resistant lining making them easy to clean and durable. These bags enable women to carry a large bag and know exactly where everything is or fit more into a smaller bag. Work bag? Check. Travel bag? Check. Diaper bag? Check!


The leather is all locally sourced and monitored for quality and weight. It is important to note however that some scars and marks are normal and reflect the lives and stories of the animals it came from. We also do everything we can to use every part of our leather so that none of it goes to waste.

BYINABE is ultimately a self-reflection and journey. BE as in 'to be' or 'I am' and INA meaning inner. To leave the weight and burden behind and live a happier and healthier life. Key words for BYINABE include creativity, minimalism, strength, and lifestyle. 

The Designer: Beverly 

Beverly is a fashion designer passionate about socially conscious and ethical design, sourcing all materials and labor locally.​ She completed her degree for Fashion Design from Ryerson University in 2013. In 2015, Beverly made her first leather bag.